LOTUS HOUSE exterior (light box sign + canopy's)
            Publication 'LOTUS HOUSE URBAN MYTHS' on the occasion of the closing of Lotus House, Nørrebrogade 1, Copenhagen. 






something real happened after ordering and eating the shrimp chips, sharing the pot of unexceptional coffee, the two fanta soda's also gone. the owner of the place has placed himself behind the counter fiddling with the sound system, the restaurant is completely empty besides us, and yet he feels music is needed, or maybe exactly because of the absence of others. anyway the song he puts on is magical, such a blessed asian pop song, and apparently he likes it too a lot and he plays it again and again and sometimes he interrupts the song by starting it over again, the song becomes the self disturbing move of endlessness. suddenly a woman enters and makes awkward enquiries about the menu, she talks then suddenly stops and starts walking into the restaurant because she really needs to go to the toilet she says and the owner takes over the talking and asks directly what she would like to eat, she says yes yes wait a second I just have to use the toilet but he figures out she is probably bluffing. he seems to know that many people are bluffing in these situations because there is a fee invovled when non customers want to use the toilet and he asks her louder what she would like to eat then all of hell starts to break loose on this afternoon in the restaurant. the woman with her accent gets mad, the owner with his accent gets just as mad and wants her to pay the fee or simply order some food, she desperately exclaims that she cannot pick a dish with all the urine inside her, and would he really like her to wet herself while ordering his delicious asian food, but it doesnt matter because the owner is blind to persuasion, blind to breaking the rules, cause rules are rules and here there are rules. the woman gets furious because she has red hair also and because she doesnt want to pay for any human right like using the toilet and besides she intents to eat his lovely asian food afterwards so it wouldnt be a problem cause she is about to become a customer though only after her toilet visit, but the owner insist that it's an impossibility what she suggests. it is not going to happen that way and the arguing reaches a discomforting level of paranoia also for the two of us, even though we seem severely intrigued by what's going on and have naturally partied with the owner in this matter, in fact we back him one hundred percent even though he has become a demon. but when the lady approached us directly and obviously wanted our support that this place was horribly unkind, all spoken with a thick unreliable accent, but naturally we remained calm and did not support her conviction instead teased her agitation by suggesting she could pay the fee and get the money back once she had ordered and eaten the restaurants tasty cooking, but obviously we were fully aware that the drama had contemptuously exceeded this option by miles, that there was no way this woman would be able to eat here either way, even though apparently she still fumingly repeated that she naturally intended to eat after her visit to the toilet,as she said why would a person even go into a restaurant without an intention to eat, but this absolute need to pee had taken over her agenda and she had to deal with that before ordering and eating any of his fine food. but the owners eyes got really small like demon eyes and he blew himself up and started to throw her out without touching her and the lady who was both fat and ugly and not the least charming in this situation threatened to call the police, her slow movement and the desperate look in her face called for some sympathy however but it didn’t matter anymore, it was all too late to sort out and this drama could never end in harmony. and even if we did try ,which we didn’t want to do in any way because this public mess that had come out of nowhere was making us hyper aware with ultimate presence that also made us scared and a bit paranoid, even if we did try to make amends between them it would not be true to the drama, the drama had to be unsettled and the absurd catastrophic presence maintained to a maximum. Yes, this was much more important than the owner of the restaurant and the hysteric lady settling on a compromise of understanding and harmony.